Swiss cardiologists of tomorrow

Swiss cardiologists of tomorrow (SCOT) was founded in 2015 and is an official working group of the Swiss Society of Cardiology (SGK). SCOT represents cardiologists in training in Switzerland.

You get the chance to connect with other cardiologists. In this way we want to facilitate scientific and clinical cooperation at national and international level. The SCOT Board represents the interests of its members vis-à-vis the SGK and the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and actively participates in the further development of specialty-specific continuing education.


Next events:

3. SCOT Symposium: practical event on 28.10.2023 at the Technopark Zürich. Information and registration!

SCOT MasterClass – «Meine Karriere in der Kardiologie»: event for young physicians 30.11.2023 in Lucerne. More information here.

Folge us on Twitter:

Next Saturday Morning, the 3rd SCOT symposium takes place in the Technopark, Zurich. Topics are HCM diagnostics and management and Atrio-ventricular valve interventions. Register now for free @SwissCardio @ShehabAnwer @herznetz @BoldiKovacsMD @NScharli

Interested in an exciting & challenging work environment? @SwissCardio is looking for a motivated team player to assist in our organisation & administrative activities - More details ⏩

@CotSwiss @YoungDgk @italian_cot @imagingssc @CH_universities…

Join us for the 3rd SCOT Symposium in Zurich. On the 28th of October, we discuss hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and atrio-ventricular valve interventions comprehensibly and in a practical manner. Register now:

@herznetz @SwissCardio @ShehabAnwer

@ShehabAnwer @BaerSarah_ @IoannisSkalidis @PhilippKrisai @RoffiMarco @sghcsscc @CH_universities @CotSwiss @Hragy @BoldiKovacsMD @Unispital_USZ @cardioCHUV @cmc_uzh @KralerSimon @imagingssc @RaberLorenz @escardio @snsf_ch @DavidNiederseer @YoungDgk @RichiKobza @doctorfmh @MRSSC14 @DrPascalMeier @NScharli @JGrapsa @DrMarthaGulati 🇨🇭 Switzerland & @SwissCardio at #ESCCongress 🔥
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The Swiss #TourdeCoeur has arrived like champions 🏆 on the first day of the #ESCCongress after cycling for more than 500 KM & 2000 m altitude difference 💪🏼 to support #research against #cardiovascular…

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Why become a SCOT member?

  • Free membership

  • Significantly discounted fees for the annual conference of the SGK

  • Access to a network of peers and mentors

  • Valuable tips and tricks for planning your career in cardiology

  • SCOT represents your interests in the SGK (SCOT president is member of the SGK)

  • SCOT participates in the further training commission


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