The SCOT is an official working group of the Swiss Society of Cardiology. At the same time, we are in exchange with the “ESC Committee for Young Cardiovascular Professionals”, which have a comparable relationship to the ESC as we have to the SGK. In the following we list important working groups of these societies.

European Society of Cardiology

ESC – as the main European body in cardiology, the ESC offers a variety of resources that may be valuable to you. Some is free of charge, some is restricted to ESC Professional Members. Membership for cardiologists in training costs only 40 euros, and offers a variety of benefits, including the online textbook “ESC CardioMed”, which covers the complete cardiology and includes the current guidelines; access to ESC 365, an online platform with slides and videos on the congress, which is available all year round, 50% discount for the ESC Congress. Click here to join. Note that you can also complete combined memberships: ESC + a working group. If you are particularly interested in a subspecialty, this can be very interesting. You can find more information here

ESC Young Community – the European counterpart to ESC. Your community to build a global network. EHRA – The European Hearrt Rhythm Association organizes besides its own congress regular podcasts, the EHRA Cardio Talk and Webinars. With a membership (+35 euros as a combination to ESC membership) you will get access to all webinars (about 50% are available for all, 50% only for members), the possibility to apply for a grant, access to ESC 365 a.o..

The European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions offers a unique network for those who want to get involved with PCIs. Free membership provides access to webinars and an EAPCI certificate, among other benefits. More information can be found here.

The Association for Acute CardioVascular Care offers ACVC Talks, short videos on topics such as ECG, Echo Challenge, biomarkers, and research. Live videos are free, on-demand videos are restricted to members. Curious but your favorite subspecialty is not listed yet? Here you can find all subspecialty groups of the ESC.

Swiss Society of Cardiology

The SGK is a professional association and scientific society for cardiologists in Switzerland. The purpose is to foster the relationship between the members of the society, to promote science as well as education, training and continuing education in the field of cardiology, to organize scientific meeting Echo Course Lucerne [https://echo-kurs-luzern .ch/wp /] and to promote the next generation of qualified cardiologists or scientists.

As a SCOT member, you do not need to become a member of the SGK until you have completed your training, but it is highly recommended to do so in order to benefit from the network and the events, to have a say within the society and thus to be able to help shape the cardiological landscape in Switzerland. We would also like to encourage you at this point to attend the General Assembly (always at the Annual Meeting).

The SGK has 12 working groups, which represent the interests of different groups and can offer a variety of different support possibilities. These include the Working Group for Cardiologists in Practice, the Interest Group Women in Cardiology or the Working Group for Heart Failure.

A list of all working groups can be found here