About SCOT

Part of a European network

During the ESC Congress 2010, the idea of a Europe-wide network for young cardiologists was launched. Since then, more than 30 national groups have been formed, which are connected to each other via the ESC Cardiologists of Tomorrow Nucleus. SCOT is the official Swiss section of the ESC Cardiologists of Tomorrow. The SCOT board represents the interests of its members to both the SGK and the ESC and actively participates in discussions about the design of the further education program.

board members

  • Boldizsár Kovács

    Universitätsspital Zürich

  • Gregor Thalmann

    Universitätsspital Bern

  • Mirjam Wild

    Unspital München (Forschungsaufenthalt)

  • Lorenzo Pucci

    Centre Hospitalier

  • Nicolas Schärli



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Are you interested in participating in the SCOT Board? Feel free to contact us at any time and ask whether positions are currently to be distributed. In addition, we hold new elections every two years at our General Assembly in June. We look forward to receiving applications up to one month before the general assembly (next elections: SGK annual congress in Basel, 2023).